Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Alessandro Bosetti, Judge at Turing100, Bletchley Park: The Polygraph

Turing100 at Bletchley Park Judge, Alessandro Bosetti's radio programme on his experience can be found at  WDR 3 here.

From WDR 3:

"The polygraph

Alessandro Bosetti
In 1950, the British mathematician Alan Turing before a test to define artificial intelligence. In this test, a person should differ by question and answer an intelligent machine of a man. WDR3.de offers the feature to download.

British "code-breaker" to giant machines of the British Secret Service during World War II
Image 1 Enlarge
Intelligent giant machines
The "Ghost in the machine" has now learned a lot. Computers can measure human responses and simulate voices, emotions or even humor. Voice recognition devices are capable of sensing micro-vibrations in our voice. Search engines have learned to filter out irregularities in our language. Since then lie has become more difficult. We need in the future, always tell the truth? Or there is the perfect lie?

Alessandro Bosetti was born in Milan in 1973, lives in Berlin since 2000, where he worked as a radio writer, composer and sound artist. His main interest is the language. His radio play "America's Children" was honored in 2010 with the URTI Radio Grand Prix."

Copied from:   http://www.wdr3.de/hoerspielundfeature/luegendetektor100.html

Transcript of the programme, with comments from Cyberneticist and Professor, Kevin Warwick, Turing100 at Bletchley Park lead scientist Huma Shah and  Elbot developer Fred Roberts, can be found here.

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