Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Imitation Game movie filming at Kings Cross London

Benedict Cumberbatch, seen on the front cover of Time Magazine* this October 2013, plays Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

October 28, 2013 cover of Time magazine*

Playing Turing's one time fiance Joan Clark, mathematician, linguist/cryptanalyst and a co-worker at Bletchley Park is Pirates of the Caribbean and Atonement actress Keira Knightley. Filming this week has been at Kings Cross station in London.

From the Radio Times:

 - and The Express:

According to Martin Davis's (author of 'The Universal Computer: The Road from Leibniz to Turing') foreword, in the centenary edition of Sara Turing (Alan Turing's mother) book^ Alan M. Turing:

 "Although Alan let her [Joan Clarke] know from the beginning of his homosexual "tendencies", she remained willing to continue the engagement. It was after they spent a week together on a bicycling trip in Wales, that he decided that it wouldn't work, and broke off the engagement. They were, and remained, very fond of one another..." (2012, Cambridge University Press, p. xiii). 

 - book^ available from Amazon :

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Filming of The Imitation Game movie begun at Bletchley Park

The Imitation Game movie, script based on Andrew Hodges book Alan Turing: The Enigma, began filming this week at Bletchley Park, centre of British codebreaking during WWII.

Mark Strong (of Welcome to the PunchTinker Tailor Soldier Spy & Kick-Ass ) joins Watchmen actor Matthew Goode (playing  Conel Hugh O'Donel Alexander in charge of  Hut 8 at Bletchley Park, concerned with cracking the Naval Enigma machine code).

Turing, who enjoyed parlour games and created the eponymous Turing test, a conversational examination of machine thinking, deception and intelligence, is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC1's 21st century Sherlock Holmes (with The Hobbit's Martin Freeman playing Watson) and the villainous Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness

Cumberbatch as Turing from *Digital Spy

Cumberbatch follows Ed Stoppard who played Turing in the memorable 2011 Channel 4 docu-drama Britain's Greatest Codebreaker (Turing film: ), and Derek Jacobi in Breaking the Code.

Expected to be released in 2014, the 60th anniversary year of Turing's untimely death in 1954, Cumberbatch's Turing movie may see the brilliant mathematician raised to the heights of the likes of Einstein; about time!

[* Image from Digital Spy here:]

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