Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vladimir Veselov wins 'The Colonnade' trophy in biggest Turing Test contest

Dr. Vladimir Veselov wins 'The Colonnade' trophy for winning machine awarded by Alan Turing's birthplace, The Colonnade Hotel London in Reading University's biggest Turing test contest at Bletchley Park, 23 June 2012.

Vladimir Veselov with 'winning machine' trophy in front of The Colonnade Hotel London (birthplace of Turing)

Congratulations to all five elite developers invited to the contest, Rollo Carpenter, Robby Garner, Robert Medeksza, Fred Roberts and well done to Vladimir's Eugene Goostman team:

Michael Gershkovich
Eugene Demchenko
Sergey Ulasen
Selena Semoushkina
John Denning
Andrey Adashchik
Igor Bykovskih
Laurent Alquier (graphics)

Professor Kevin & Mrs Warwick

Hidden humans: Reading University SSE Researchers 

[Pictures courtesy of Matt Whitby, hidden humans Session 4, 23 June 2012]

Machine developers: Vladimir Veselov (Eugene) & Robert Medeksza (Ultra Hal)

Billiard Room: 4 (C-F) of the 6 Terminals in the Judges' area

Also: BBC Radio 4 TODAY programme featured Alan Turing item on the 100th anniversary of his birth, Saturday 23 June 2012:
This weekend marks the centenary of Alan Turing's birth, a man who committed suicide after being persecuted for his homosexuality and played a crucial role in breaking the German codes during the Second World War. Science correspondent Tom Fielden looks at his life's achievements.
From here.

Exhibitors in the Drawing Room of the Mansion on event day included PwC UKYOUSRC (learn to programme apps), and Artificial Solutions

[Unless stated, pictures courtesy of Vladimir Veselov, winning machine developer]


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